A clean installation ensures we use the installer versions of all settings and preference files.

A standard installation of the same major version of the application (Nucoda or Phoenix) will be placed in the same folders as any previous installation.

For instance, installations of release 2018.1 will be placed inside a 2018_1 folder e.g. for Nucoda :

C:\Program Files\Nucoda\2018.1

A standard installation will not overwrite settings and preference files within this folder.

Occasionally, a release includes updated configuration or preference files that should be installed over existing versions. However, we cannot simply overwrite them because the local copies might have been modified by the user (and we would therefore lose these changes). In circumstances like this, we recommend a clean install.

A clean install will ensure all updated files and settings are installed. To do this, you should move the original installation folders out of the way before installation of the new version.

This just involves renaming the top level "versioned" folders. For example :

C:\Nucoda\2018.1 C:\Program Files\Nucoda\2018.1 renamed to C:\Nucoda\2018.1.BAK and C:\Program Files\Nucoda\2018.1.BAK
C:\Phoenix\2018.1 C:\Program Files\Phoenix\2018.1 renamed to C:\Phoenix\2018.1.BAK and C:\Program Files\Phoenix\2018.1.BAK

After renaming these folders and running/re-running the installer, you will have all the new updated settings installed.

You will now also need to :

  • Copy (or move) your original projects into place and re-attach them
  • Copy any changes you made in the previous preference files to the new ones