Retain selected effects on reset

To make working with complex matte configurations in Nucoda easier the layer reset function has been redesigned to accommodate this. An additional Reset option has been added,which will allow the user to specify which effect types are reset.

This is done via a new popup menu, that can be accessed the holding Ctrl+Shift and clicking on the new  reset icon:


The popup allow the user to specify which effects will be reset and which will be retained when Master Reset is pressed.

In this example:  Master reset will retain Input FX (current default) 


But will also not reset:

Matte layers

Key layers

Composite effects

Layers that are currently empty

We have  added options to retain 

CMS Path and CMS layers

Pan & Scan by default

On the Precision:

Alt+Master reset will still reset everything

Shift+Master Reset will reset selected layer (except selected items) 

Ctrl+Master reset will reset selected tool