We generally suggest that the user turn off the cache validation check as this normally upsets the metadata controller of the SAN.

We ask the storage if all caches are present every 10 minutes and this can be very stressful for the SAN metadata controller that have to verify every existing cache file, this could be apparent as long load time as well

in the general prefs you can turn off this function and the nucoda will be much smoother.
Backside of turning this off is that we no longer know if the caches are valid.
In the rare case that the caches gone invalid it will show itself as nucoda will make the timeline yellow
to check and correct this if this happen is either to delete all caches from within the nucoda or turn the cache checking on again while opening the project and then when its good exit and turn it off again, But none of our clients with SAN does have a problem with this.

the parameter that need to be altered in general.prefs is testTimeInterval value of:
600 enabled and checking every 600 seconds
0 disabled

in general prefs it is found in the caches section

maxPreallocation 20
paintAutoCleanUpHours 5
intCompression "DPX: Uncompressed"
exrCompression "EXR: Uncompressed"
exrFactor 45.000000
testTimeInterval 600