There are two thread preference settings available. The recommended settings are :

renderFrameThreadsNumber of CPU Cores (see below)

These recommendations are set automatically on fresh new installs of the latest version where a preference file does not exist. If the preferences exist, the settings inside will be used. 

It is best to let the application create a brand new preference file by moving any existing one out of the way.

The renderFrameThreads and renderTileThreads parameters are available in the preference file and via the GUI Preferences / Rendering section. 

If the application starts running out of memory for rendering, one way to mitigate this is to try reducing the number of Frame threads.

Optimising Performance and Threading

These thread settings may not be optimal for your specific workflow. For best performance, you should analyse and benchmark your workflow using a variety of thread settings and select the settings that work best for you. 

Optimising threads can have a big impact on render speed so it is a good idea to undertake some tests before starting a job.

How to Determine the Number of CPU Cores?

On Windows 10, you can determine how many CPU cores you have by following these steps :

  •  My Computer (Right-Click) / Properties
  •  Select : Device Manager
  •  Open the Processors group
  •  Count how many processors are listed.
  •  Use this number for the renderFrameThreads preference setting.