Load Order

Preference files are loaded in an order such that later ones (if they exist) will override earlier ones. The load order is as follows :

System settings :

  1.  Presets \ System \
  2.  System \

Users settings :

  1.  Presets \ Users \
  2.  Users \ AllUsers \
  3.  Users \ <username> \

Presets are always loaded first, followed by any global or shared settings (e.g. AllUsers) and then the specific preferences set, if they exist (e.g. for user "Tom").

The specific overrides the global or shared.

This mechanism allows easier customisation while using a known base configuration. 

Unless you need to specify preferences that have no GUI equivalent, or need finer control over them, you will not need to view or edit the preference files themselves.

Preferences are stored within sub-folders inside the application ROOT folder.

There are preference files shared between all users and separate individual preference files per user.

All modifications made to the preferences in the application GUI will be saved to preference files stored inside the preference folder for the logged in user.

The folders created are shown below.

After a fresh install, only the Presets folder exists :

 |-- Presets
 |     |
 |     |-- System/
 |     |-- Users/

After we run the application and create user Tom, we add :

 |-- System/
 |-- Users/
       |-- AllUsers/
       |-- Default/
       |-- Tom/

Presets Folder

 |-- Presets
 |     |
 |     |-- System/
 |     |-- Users/

The Presets folder contains preference files shipped with the product. These files are used as a base level configuration.

Presets settings should never be modified and are over-written as part of the application upgrade process. Only preferences inside the Presets folder get replaced when the application is upgraded.

Users Folder

 |-- System/
 |-- Users/
       |-- AllUsers/      - settings inherited by all users
       |-- Default/       - settings for user Default
       |-- Tom/           - settings for user Tom

Preferences for users are stored in the Users folder.

  •  Each user created has a folder created here to store their individual preference settings (e.g. user Tom above)
  •  The Default user folder always exists but may be empty if this user is not used.
  •  The AllUsers folder contains preferences shared by all users.

A user (or their manager) can edit (or copy) files in their own folder to affect a single user, or edit (or copy) files in the AllUsers folder to affect all users.

Preference files inside the Users folder are not touched by an upgrade or install.

On first run of the application, some default preference files are copied from the Presets\Users folder to AllUsers and any User folder created (or Default if used).

Paramlayout and CMSPresets

Some releases require a new paramLayout.configs and CMSPresets file created by the application on first run. 
These files are usually not edited by users.
Currently they are not overwritten if it exists in the All Users or User folders

Before running the application for the first time after installation, delete the following files
(you may have to check other user folders as well)


New versions of the files are created by the application on first run.

If you have edited these files :

You should create a backup before deletion A new version of the file is created by the application if they do not already exist.

You will then need to merge any differences between your original version and the new one. 

Note that some preference files are created by the application on first run.

Any changes made by a user in the application preference GUI are saved in the Users \ <User>  preference folder.

A complete general.prefs file is created in the AllUsers folder. Preference files created in the User folder might be empty or minimal, ready for customisation.


 |-- System/
 |-- Users/

The System folder contains preferences that are not user specific.

Files in this folder include project properties, keycode map file and various administrative files.

A user or manager can edit these files to configure system level settings for all users on the system.

A set of default system preference files are copied here from the Presets \ System folder on first run.

Preference files inside the System folder are not touched by an upgrade or install.