Quicktime - Not active by default due to Quictime security issue

Read the quicktime security bulletin here: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA16-105A

To activate - you will need quicktime version installed installed that is in the Nucoda installer - do this at own risk

Access the "exportGUIremappings.prefs" file in C:\Nucoda\201x_x\root\Presets\System

Make a backup of the file - then open the file in a text editor ad look for the line:

"mov/nucoda"                         "!$MOV  /MOV : Nucoda"

Remove the ! from the line and save the file - the Quicktime and Legacy Prores option will be back in the export menu under MOV once Nucoda or Phoenix is restarted.

Apple Quicktime Support - including Legacy Prores export
  • Extension : .mov
  • Read / Write
  • Codecs : As installed