Preferences and General.prefs

  • Enable the “fillOnAllocate” preference in general.prefs - it increases initialisation time but improves UHD playback when the application is first run - set to true

  • Also enable Interactive Mode in the preferences.

Interactive mode

Real time proxy on the fly

Interactive mode provides a way for users to get better previews and real time playback when using heavy effects, like Sapphire or any other effects. It should improve interaction and the amount of layers you can preview in real time.


Once turned on it will create a  proxy image on the fly. For UHD projects this means an HD image will be displayed during playback, but on stopping, the image will revert to full resolution image. Cloned material and caches will be used if available. 

Interactive mode can be turned on in the Preferences menu and filtering can also be selected. 

Interactive Mode.PNGInteractive Mode On.PNG

The default scaling amount is 0.500000 - for lower quality change to .20000
stillFrame is set to false, changing this to true,  will show the proxy image when playback is stopped

Interactive Mode Prefs.PNG

Interactive mode will be automatically ignored when,exporting media, playing to tape and using DVO Fix tools.